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Heads of State - Keynote Speech

"Talking Cultural Diplomacy"

Rui Duarte Barros (Former Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau)

“Peace and Reconciliation in Our Times in Africa and the Contribution of Cultural Diplomacy to Build the Bridge”
December 10th, 2015
Olafur Ragnar Grimsson (Former President of Iceland) (BQ)_2.jpg
"Smart Power & Soft Power in the 21st Century World: Lessons from the Experience of Iceland"
Fredrik Reinfeldt (Former Prime Minister of Sweden) (BQ).jpg
"How to create an Inclusive Labor Market for All"
Micheline Calmy-Rey (Former President of Switzerland) (BQ).jpg
"The Art and Science of Negotiation: The Diplomatic Engineering. A Case Study: How Switzerland facilitated the Entry of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organisation"
Brian Cowen (Former Prime Minister of Ireland) (BQ).jpg
"Brexit : How to go about it , and what direction for the E.U when it happens?"
Matti Vanhanen (Former Prime Minister of Finland) (BQ).jpg
"Africa: Does Europe Possess the Political Will?"
John Agyekum Kufuor (Former President of Ghana) (BQ).jpg
"Sustainable Business and Responsible Investments in The Face Of Climate Change, Human Insecurities, and Unfettered Capitalism"
Rosen Plevneliev (Former President of Bulgaria) (BQ).jpg
"A New Phase of Development: Perspectives for the Next Decade"
Aleqa Hammond (Former Prime Minister of Greenland) (BQ).jpg
"The Arctic in the Middle of a New Sea Route"
“Respect for Culture means Respect for Human Dignity"
“Western Balkans, from a Theatre of Hatred and Wars into a Chance of Coexistence and Understanding: Challenges and Addresses”
“EU and EAEU: a Crossroad or Terminus? The Role of Cultural Diplomacy”
“The Global State of Democracy & the value of Cultural Diplomacy”
"Utilizing Cultural Diplomacy to Unite the World's Cultures before Hard Power takes the Lead"
Albania’s Contribution in Strengthening the Regional Dialogue and Cooperation by Promoting its European Orientation and Values
Migration in Europe and European Cultural Diplomacy: A Challenge
Europe of Common Interests or Common Values?
"Balkans – a Potential Key Spot for Intercultural Dialog"
"The UK, Brexit and the EU – A Maltese Perspective"
"How to Save a Dialog in the Context of the Growing Number of Wars & the Socio-Economic Consequences"
"Finding the Best Governance Model to Reduce Poverty and Protect Human Rights"
Vladis Zatl_1.jpg
“Do we need a New Paradigm in Europe’s Future?”
Lawrence Gonzi_3.jpg
“Our Values when facing Immigration and Extremism : A Maltese Perspective”
Rui Duarte Barros_1.jpg
“Peace and Reconciliation in Our Times in Africa and the Contribution of Cultural Diplomacy to Build the Bridge”
"Cultural Diplomacy, UN and Alliance of Civilizations"
Adnan Badran.jpg
"Overcoming Barriers of Building Culture of Peace"
"Malta's Experience during the Libya Conflict. A Humanitarian Response to Conflict"
Igor Luksic_4.jpg
"An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Role of International Law in Promoting Human Rights"
"Religious Communities, Dialogue and Conflict Resolution"
"Culture as the Foundation of Sustainable Development"
"Peace, Prosperity and Progress: How Cultural Diplomacy drives Transatlantic Relationships in the 21st Century"
"Growing Intensity of International Migration: Economic and Cultural Reasons"
"Cultural Diplomacy & Cross Continental Cooperation: Building Bridges for a United Global Community"
"Croatia's Path to EU Accession and the Important Role of Trans-European Cooperation has Played in the Process"
"The Significance of Education and Gender Equality in the Process of Building Peace and Sustainable Society"
"Cultural Diplomacy: An Added Value in a World Full of Antagonism"
"Cultural Dialogue for Global Social Cohesion"
“The Importance of Cultural Diplomacy for Successful Global Leadership"
"Green Growth to overcome the Financial Crisis and to create Jobs"
"Peace Building and Reconciliation in Africa"
"Political Culture: Export Product of the EU"